We provide Architectural & Engineering services for New Construction, Additions and Renovation Projects that include a broad range of project types and scale.  We consult Engineering Services for Geotechnical, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical. 



Architecture is the heart and soul of our work.  We provide comprehensive architectural services that include Preliminary Design, Construction Documentation, Contractor Bidding, Contract Negotiations, and Construction Administration.  We consult Engineering Services for Geotechnical, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical.  Taking care of our clients and our clients needs is our ultimate goal.




Planning & Development

We evaluate property and site locations in terms of use and function.  We communicate with local leaders and authorities to identify obstacles and opportunities.  We help our clients with local regulatory approval processes including zoning and permitting.




Interior Design

We provide Interior Design solutions to our clients that are creative and intelligent.  We can personalize your space.  We stay updated with new technology, products, and finishes in a market that is ever changing. 




Preliminary Design


  • We begin a project by listening to our clients needs.  We identify objectives and goals.  We create a Program by using space allocations, size, quantity, costs, and financial capabilities.  We apply our expertise to provide solutions.

Schematic Design

  • Using a Program, we develop a Preliminary Design by creating a preliminary Site Plan, Floor Plan, Building Elevations, and re-evaluating costs.  We do this until objectives and goals are reached. 

Design Development

  • We finish the Preliminary Design by adding systems to the Schematic Design.  We add preliminary site information to provide solutions to the Civil design.  We add preliminary Structural, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical systems to provide solutions to the building design.  We again, re-evaluate project costs and adjust the design as needed to reach financial goals. 




Construction Documentation

We provide detailed drawings for Civil, Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical designs.  We provide Bidding Instructions, Contract Information, Specifications, Reports, and Analysis in a Project Manual.




Bidding & Contract Negotiations

We promote projects to qualified Contractors.  We answer questions relating to Project Documents.  We evaluate bids.  We put together project contracts.  We keep the process simple.




Construction Administration

We provide on-site construction inspections and observations.  We coordinate the construction progress with the Owner and Contractor to assure project goals are reached.  We take care of our clients.




Additional Services

Project Promotion

School Bond Election Strategies

Historic Preservation

Site Analysis

Existing Building Analysis

Existing Building Documentation

Building Code Review

Life Safety Review

ADA Accessibility Review

Building Security Review

Sustainable Design

LEED Certification

Wayfinding Design

Fire Evacuation Plans

Master Planning

Space Planning

Building Design Analysis

Building System Analysis

Building Cost Analysis

Risk Management Analysis

Owner Project Representation

Lender Project Representation

Contract Preparation

Specification Review

Furniture Design

Furniture Acquisition

On-Site Inspections

Project Coordination